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Brian Tasch


I've been in the hospitality industry since 2008. I'm the Spirits Content and Education Coordinator for Skurnik Wines and Spirits in New York. I've worked as a bartender, server, host, manager, dishwasher, brand ambassador, educator, barback, line cook, and barista at restaurants and bars in New York City, Taipei, Chicago, San Francisco, and Portland. Notable establishments include Pouring Ribbons, Flatiron Lounge, Dusek's Board and Beer, Meowvelous Taipei Club Boys Saloon, Ounce Taipei, Shift Drinks, Oddjob, SRO, and Nana Organic. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY with my lifetime partner in slime, Kat King.


Feel free to contact me via email at


I believe no matter where you are, be it New York City or Taipei, a good bar is the greatest place in the world.


Food and drink bring people together, bridging language and perceived cultural gaps. A communal dining experience can make strangers feel like family – beverages make friends of that family.


Sharing sustenance at tables and bars has brought me a greater understanding of the world and its people.


I also believe in the sharing of knowledge. The more we all know, the better we can operate the spaces that host these magical interactions.


I started this blog with the sole intention of educating myself and my peers on the wonders of vermouth. I also hope to give bar and restaurant professionals the resources and tools to provide a better guest experience through their craft.


Holding on to knowledge only hurts us all in the end. With this blog, I aim to demystify this information so we can get back to the foundation of the industry: hospitality.


My goal is to make the world a little smaller one daiquiri at a time. I hope this helps.


-Brian Tasch

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